Wish List  

It takes a lot to keep a project running. The school has 600 children and that requires hundreds of bars of soap and 100s of kilos of lentils and rice. The projects need diesel fuel for the generators and vehicles. There are 100s of wonderful support staff that teach and cook and clean and make clothes and look after all the administration and maintenance and security.  

Each month, funds are needed to keep operating.  We'd love your help for small items or large to keep the Himalayan kids healthy and educated.

SMD Boarding School in Kathmandu 

Small Carpets for Bedrooms The school is unheated.  Temperatures reach 0C at night.  Locally-made carpets keep kids' feet warm and prevent colds.

Running Shoes  Kids play sports in bare feet, risking injury and hookworm infections. 

Nutrition  Broccoli for 200 people OR  Eggs for 250 people  OR  One Cooking Class to teach about healthy nutrition 

  • Board Games   
  • Warm, WOOLEN Socks 
  • Warm Underwear 
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Art Supplies
  • Small Stuffed Toys

 New Robes for monk or nun (robes, underwear, socks, shoes

Driving lessons  At SMD only 4 people can drive. $100 trains one older student. 

 Sanitary Products for Girls for one month

Internet Service for one month at SMD

ConcertCultural Music & Dance   To preserve the culture of Himalayan peoples, the SMD kids learn traditional songs and dances of Nepal and Tibet. Performances for the local community benefit the children.  

In December 2010, 1000 people came! 

Sanitation Fund    Cleaning equipment and supplies will teach the monks about sanitation. 

Picnic and Pilgrimage   SMD children live in a walled compound, rarely getting out.  A field trip to a holy site includes a picnic and bus rental. 

 Solar Batteries                                      

Nepal has up to 18 hours of power cuts daily in the dry season (9 months) and kids can't study. SMD needs batteries for the Library, Clinic, stairwells and kitchen. Nuns and monks need batteries, too.
Healthcare Fund one year                    
Supplies for SMD clinic, lab equipment, eye and dental care, hearing, vision, dental and hospitalization expenses for children and support staff. 

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!   How to Help   


Is there a birthday, anniversary, special event or person that you would like to honour while benefiting the Himalayan children?  

Could you organize a fundraiser in your school or community to help the kids of Nepal?

Make a FUNDRAISING PAGE on CanadaHelps 

Choose an item from this page and purchase it online at CanadaHelps.   

We will send a card to the recipients letting them know what they have purchased for the children.

Buy Books at Amazon

Libraries at both schools need books. The little monks have read every book in their library at the Branch School! 
Books from Amazon are the only things that get past Customs. 

You could be a YAK and carry items to Nepal!

 The children, monks and nuns are grateful for gifts. Items going to Nepal are not eligible for a tax receipt unless pre-approved by our treasurer.  

Please contact us for further information.   

Thank you for your generosity!!!

Headlamps, external hard disks, USB flash drives (memory sticks) 

 ONLY woollen socks and good warm under vests

Multivitamin TABLETS 
(non-chewable, adult dose)
BUFFERED vitamin C, 
B complex, 
Iron tablets
Wart medicine

Art supplies, masking tape, sidewalk chalk, BluTac, materials to repair library books

Rubik's cubes

Learning games and software

Board games, chess, word games

Small stuffed toys, Lego, Meccano, matchbox toys etc.

Solar flashlights and solar chargers for laptops  VOLTAGE IS 220
Sports equipment: skipping ropes, basketballs & soccer balls, ping pong bats and balls, hackysacks

Karaoke disks - folk songs -  especially Tibetan disks

Electronic dictionaries to help students read English books more quickly. (It’s their 4th language.)

Earthquake gear: mylar blankets, Petzl headlamps, 50 feet of 1/2” nylon (not poly) rope, work gloves for rescue team, solar flashlights (torches), duct tape - any other survival gear

Dog care items for SMD's rescued street dogs: rawhide bones, brushes, collars, (they’re mid-sized dogs)
squeaky toys, biscuits

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