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Thrangu Tara Abbey is a monastery established for Buddhist nuns in Swayambunath outside Kathmandu. In 1991, 17 nuns arrived from the province of Manang in Nepal near the Tibetan border.  The head nuns, Ani Tsomo and Ani Karma Drolma, are the sisters of one of Rinpoche’s main lamas, Lama Aju. 

Girls in Nepal face great hardship.  They work on the farm looking after siblings and livestock, are often married young, are denied education, and are at risk of being trafficked into prostitution.

Thrangu Rinpoche had long held the intention to establish a centre for women to make available the full range of monastic, liturgical, philosophical and meditation training that is available to monks.    

SEVEN women graduated in 2012 with degrees in higher Buddhist studies. FOUR received the degree of acharya (Masters level) and THREE attained the degree of khenmp (PhD level) after 8 years of study. These are the first group of nuns to achieve such distinction.

In 2016, eight nuns completed the Three-Year Retreat at the simple centre Sher Gonpa in Manang area, a day's drive west of Kathmandu. The women sit for 3 years, 3 months, and 3 days, never lying down to sleep, reciting prayers and meditating.   MORE

In 2010, Ani Karma Sherab Wangmo was the first Tara Abbey nun to receive the acharya degree, a teaching degree and MA in Buddhist Philosophy. 

She is teaching the 57 nuns in Shedra at the Abbey in Nepal. There are other ani (nun) teachers and 2 monks, Khenpo Karma Dradul and Lama Nyma, helping to further the women's education.
Ani Tsomo with fruit trees thanks to the Veggiyana project. wonderful inspiration is feeding 100s of people nutritious food and training many in growing and cooking healthy food in the Himalayas.
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