SUPPORTERS                                          Thank you for your generosity!


For the past several years, the prominent astrologer Georgia Nicols has donated all the proceeds from her annual forecasts. Over the years, Georgia's donations have helped Thrangu Rinpoche's schools enormously.

Georgia sends out a weekly forecast if you subscribe is always amusing and usually right on target!. 




Open Door Yoga in Vancouver has been involved with SMD for many years, sponsoring a student and spreading awareness.


Samsara Journeys       is a full-service travel company based in Vancouver. They took three laptops to SMD School.



Braintrain is the worldwide leader in the development of fun, challenging computerized brain building systems used in Cognitive Rehabilitaiton Therapy and cognitive skill building. 

Dr. Sandford, founder of Braintrain, donated four laptop computers with specialized learning software to SMD School. 

Hope Alliance is a 'not for profit' incorporated association based in Australia which coordinates projects, creates initiatives and sustainable opportunities which improve the lives, futures and education of Himalayan children and families in Nepal.   


Jane Marshal of Edmonton and her son Benjamin have raised funds for SMD by collecting bottles and having fund raising events. Her book Back Over the Mountains is about a Tibetan monk's journey.

Ben's page is HERE

Ross Green is a singer/ songwriter... working in music, television, video and radio production as a technician / arranger / producer and performer for 25 years. He went to SMD and worked with the children teaching music.

He recorded "Bring Back Peace" with the SMD Kids.