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Thank you for supporting the children in Nepal.

Together we can make a difference in the life of a Himalayan child.

Save service charges and 


Namo Buddha Foundation Canada

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100% of your donation is tax deductible. 

  There are many ways to help.

NBF is a registered Canadian charitable foundation with no paid staff that relies on donations from people like you to operate. 

Our small but dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way to provide education and health to Himalayan people. 

Administration costs of the Canadian foundation (NBF Canada) are kept below 5%, but we still need funds for postage, website management, office supplies, and accounting. 

PLEASE consider a GENERAL donation. 

General Donations 

Sponsorship only covers part of the cost of providing the many programs developed by Thrangu Rinpoche. 

We greatly depend on donations that are not directed to any particular student, monk, or nun but for the fund in general. 

These donations will be appropriated according to the need. 

Sometimes a sponsor forgets or can no longer pay so we need to be able to cover the costs. (We cannot just drop a student out of the school or monasteries once they have begun!) 

General funds may also provide new uniforms, socks and shoes, school supplies, a bed or towels. 
If sent for the nuns or monks, it may provide more texts or socks and sweaters. 
Basically, we need to be able to provide whatever is necessary as the need arises. 

Donations for Specific Projects

Donations may be made on an occasional or regular basis to any of Thrangu Rinpoche's projects. Funds are accrued separately for all projects and dispersed accordingly. Donations can be given and ear-marked specifically to support any of the various activities.  NBF will make every effort to apply contributions towards their designated purposes. 

However, NBF must exercise exclusive legal control over all donations received and reserves the right to allocate funds with discretion if the requirement for specific purposes have been exceeded or if their is a greater need for health and safety.

 Going to Nepal?

The children, monks and nuns are grateful for gifts.  Be a YAK and carry items to Nepal!

Items taken to Nepal are not eligible for a tax receipt unless pre-approved by our treasurer.  

Please contact us for further information.   email  

Q. What can I bring for the schools?

• Multivitamins with minerals - tablets

(no chewables, no children's) 

Vitamin C, B complex, iron and calcium 

• Wart medicine 

 • Ban
• Sidewalk Chalk
• Art supplies
• Rubik's Cubes

• Small stuffed toys, Lego, Meccano, matchbox toys etc.

• Books for libraries (SMD & SMD Branch School)

• Sports equipment: skipping ropes, basketballs & soccer balls, ping pong bats and balls, hackeysacks

• Learning games

• Board games, chess, word games

• Hair clips and scrunchies 

SEEDS (fruit, vegetables, flowers)

Namo Buddha Monastery ideas for monks:

With the SMD Branch School for Monks, the shedra, ngondro and other retreats, Yarne, Namo Buddha Clinic, and visiting lay students, the cooks are feeding around 400 people per meal.

You may find the amounts surprisingly high, but food prices are severe in poor countries and in Nepal food inflation is reported to be 25%.

Give the gift of a meal, or any element of a meal for a day, week, month or year in the name of a loved one. 

Dhal per year                      $1700
Brown rice per year           $1300
Yogurt 3 x week per year  $2500
Egg 1 x week per month   $120
Banana $17     Watermelon  $28
Orange  $50     Apple $124

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