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Sangmo was born in the high Himalayas in northern Nepal. Her village has no electricity, running water, sanitation, health care or education. Most of the people cannot read and, like Sangmo's parents, survive as herders and subsistence farmers. 

In Nepal women like Sangmo have almost no rights. They cannot own property. Girls as young as 9 years old are sold into the sex trade. Others are sold into abusive marriages. Girls rarely go to school. Educated women are as rare as unicorns — and as precious.

When Sangmo was 8, she left her family to attend Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School (SMD) in Kathmandu. In grade 10, Sangmo won a scholarship to complete high school in Portugal. It took two years to negotiate her visa though the Canadian Embassy in Delhi, India. She had just about given up hope when her visa came through.

Sangmo needs $9,000 CF to cover her tuition for the 2015/16 academic year. Please help her pay her tuition. Thanks to everyone who helped raise $2500 for Sangmo. assists in fundraising by enabling people to raise money online for the charities they support, with personalized fundraising pages. 

FUNDRAISING Pages were created for young women attending Canadian universities in Halifax, NS; London, ON; and Squamish, BC.

These pages were managed by kind supporters.

  • Meg Federico for Karma Dolma Gurung going to St. Mary's University in Halifax
  • Lisa McCracken for Tashi Wangmo Sherpa going to King's University College of University of Western Ontario in London 
  • Lori Goldman for Nangsal Lama going to Quest University in Squamish, BC.
  • Lori Goldman for Lhachoe Dolma Lama going to Quest University in Squamish, BC 
  • Meg Federico for Sangmo Sherpa going to St. Mary's University, Halifax

Karma Dolma graduated from an International Baccalaureate program in Zurich. 

St. Mary's University, Halifax, gave financial aid, but Karma needed $8000 to top up the bursary, scholarships and donations that have been raised. 

She had housing from a sponsor but still had a shortfall. Your support benefited a bright woman, bringing a remote Nepali village out of the 13th century! UPDATE: Karma graduated in 2015 with BA in International Development Studies with a Minor in Business. 

Tashi Wangmo Sherpa, a bright young woman from an impoverished Himalayan family in Nepal, overcame challenges of a new country, culture, language, and education system, to excel, graduating from Appleby College, Oakville, ON, getting accepted into King's University College, University of Western Ontario. 

She needed funds for rent for her 3rd school year. Donors helped Tashi to get an education to return home and bring the people of Nepal out of the darkness of poverty and illiteracy. 

UPDATE: Tashi graduated in 2015 with honours in Sociology and Criminology and is working before continuing her studies.

Nangsal Lama was at SMD Boarding School in Kathmandu when she was selected to go to Canada to study.  Only 14, she traveled alone to Oakville, Ontario, entering a new, strange world.  She not only adapted, she flourished!    
She was offered a placement with Think Global School for her gap year, acting as a don for the young high school students as they traveled the world and studied in three countries.  Quest University accepted her into its rigourous program where she had a great first year.  She needed funds to help her get through her second year as the sponsor could only fund a part of the tuition and living expenses. She was working two jobs.  
Thank you to all donors!  GOAL REACHED! 
UPDATE: 2015 Nangsal is finishing her last term at Quest after doing an internship on Vancouver Island on a farm near Cobble Hill studying agriculture.   


Lhachoe Dolma from the remote Himalayas in Nepal studied at SMD Boarding School (Kathmandu) and got an IB scholarship to ICS Zurich. She has volunteered at SMD, teaching and helping the students to revise for terminal exams. 

Quest U. in Squamish, BC, gave her a partial grant. Thanks to donors, she reached her initial goal which just covers her first year expenses but leaves nothing for CanadaHelps service fees and incidentals.

Lhachoe finished her first year at Quest and couldn't continue due to lack of funding.  She is now at college in Alberta studying Business Administration and Accounting while working on the weekends.

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