How can I help get money to Nepal?
   NBF does that for you.  
  • You can send a cheque to our mailing address:  PO BOX 46898 Stn. D, Vancouver, BC V6J 5M4 
  • You can send funds from your bank account to ours using INTERAC e-Transfer.  Email us first to let us know.
  • You can donate online through CanadaHelps
How does NBF Canada manage the funds donors send?
NBF Canada receives funds from donors through cheques, cash and online donations.  Each donation is recorded and banked.  Throughout the year, funds are sent to the projects in Nepal for application to sponsorships or special items requested by donors. The projects in Nepal ensure that the funds are received into their accounts and spent according to the wishes of the donors. NBF Canada is in constant contact with the projects and NBF Canada board members visit Nepal regularly.

How can I donate stocks/mutual funds/bonds?
Securities donations can be made through the
CanadaHelps website.  They are fully capable of receiving your  
donation and processing it to give you a tax credit for the market price of the donation with a full exemption from any capital gains tax.  NBF Canada receives the market value within a few days.  More information

What items do the Nepal projects need?
There are a number of items that the projects need.   The WISH LIST page has many ideas. The kids need extra fruit and eggs to boost their nutrition, the monks and nuns always need a new set of robes, socks and shoes, the bedroom floors require small rugs to keep small feet warm in winter, the female students need sanitary supplies, etc.

How much is sponsorship of a child in Nepal?
Boarding students require more funding than day boarders who go home at night, but the day boarders get all their needs taken care of from 7 am to 7 pm each day.  Fees vary for lay students and monks and nuns. 
Please look at the
Sponsorship Page for the fee schedule.   The school year is from May 1 to April 30 so fees should be received to cover the year.  You can also pay monthly with postdated cheques or online with CanadaHelps.

What if I can't sponsor the full amount?
We often need to double sponsor children as the costs are beyond some people's ability.  Some of our sponsors get a group of friends together and pool their funds.  Ask your friends if they want to join you in this wonderful gift to give education and health to a forgotten Himalayan child. 
5 friends x $50 OR 10 friends x $25 = one YEAR of sponsorship for a nun or monk.

5 friends x $75 OR 10 friends x $37 = one YEAR of sponsorship for a day student at SMD.

How can I volunteer in Canada?
You can become a Board Member on the Namo Buddha Foundation Canada or assist the other Board Members in fundraising, bookkeeping, communications and other board duties.
You can distribute information brochures and weblinks to community groups and individuals in your town.

How can I volunteer in Nepal?
     Parameters for Volunteers at SMD Schools (Kathmandu and Namo Buddha)

1. You are already on the Waiting List
2. SMD has accepted you
3. You are over 18 years
4. No volunteers allowed in June, July and August
5. You commit to 4 months (no short-term volunteers permitted)
6. Previous volunteering experience is a distinct plus
7. SMD can only take 2 volunteers at a time
You or your parents/guardians (if you are a minor in your country) sign a waiver absolving SMD School and any of our non-profits of legal responsibility vis a vis your health, safety and well-being
You have been through this vetting process and been accepted

People interesting in volunteering can write SMD Director at himalayanchildren@yahoo.co.uk

Medical Volunteers can contact Namo Buddha Medical Clinic directly.  

Tara Abbey Volunteers to teach the nuns English contact Ani Karma Tsomo 

How can I help to raise funds in Canada?
Make a FUNDRAISING PAGE on CanadaHelps to make it easier for your group to donate to a project.
Learn More about how to create a FUNDRAISING PAGE

Create a fundraising event like 7-year-old Ben Soneff from Edmonton.  He collected bottles and cans and got matching donations from relatives to send $1000 to help his SMD sponsor-brother. 

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